At Sanmark we use new and updated technologies and tools to provide software solutions to our clients and support the development process.


Laravel has been the most popular PHP framework since 2013. An entire ecosystem has been built around it and a vast community of developers has gathered around it since its beginning. It offers a MVC design pattern to build upon, which encourages good coding standards, paving the way to create good quality software using it.


Angular is a front end development framework released by the search giant Google. It allows us to develop completely stand alone front ends for back end web services we develop.


Our go to server side development language. We often use the above-mentioned Laravel framework on top of this, and we always make use of features and functionalities available from latest versions of PHP, such as PHP 8.


PHP and MySQL are good friends. Both are open source and work well together. Being an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), it allows us to build connections within complex data structures to produce outstanding software applications.


For occasions that are better served by NoSQL databases, MongoDB is our primary choice.


Created by Google, Firebase allows us to develop web and mobile applications quickly.


Javascript is the language used when we write front-end web applications.


Typescript is a subset of Javascript that compiles into Javascript. It’s created by Microsoft, and Google’s Angular uses it as the primary language (We love it when giants work together!).


No web application can be written without HTML, and its 5th version provides so many new and useful functionality needed for modern web application development.


CSS 3 is the latest incarnation of HTML’s best companion. It brings along a set of great new features that we make use of everyday.


Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets and it simplifies writing complex CSS style sheets by providing advanced features.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a cool new CSS framework that allows you to style front-ends quickly.


This is a modern UI building framework created by Twitter. It allows us to create fully responsive web pages, and quickly build web applications using its vast array of UI components, based on both CSS and Javascript.


Livewire allows us to build full stack web applications quickly and easily with Laravel.


When we need to write Javascript for the back end, we use Node.js.


Ionic allows us to create mobile business applications using web technologies.


This is great for automatic website interactions and testing web applications web build.


When we get to write plugins for WordPress, we use Herbert, as it provides some of the functionality from Laravel into the WP plugin development process.



Git is created by the creator of Linux — Linus Torvalds — to streamline the development of the world’s largest open source project: developing the Linux kernel. It makes the development life easier by tracking every change to the codebase.


GitLab is a Git hosting service that we can install on our own servers. It comes with an issue tracking system as well.


We use Slack for internal communication as well as external communication with clients. It’s a treat to use this great service.


To manage projects that we don’t host at GitLab, we have our Redmine installation.


DigitalOcean is a life saver! With its quick to create and quick to delete on demand Virtual Private servers, we can demonstrate our projects to clients very easily. We even run long term testing and production servers with it too.


This is how we connect to remote servers.


To manage third party PHP packages, we use Composer. We have even published our own PHP packages, which you can see at


To manage the back end Javascript packages we use with Node.js, NPM is a must.


To connect to and manage databases both local and remote, we use DBeaver.