We at Sanmark, always have to prepare and send quotations to our prospective clients. We were constantly in need of a quick, easy to use, and portable solution for prepating quotations, that can we can use in any kind of device. Nothing we found fulfilled our needs as we needed them to. We knew that we have to make one for the world, so that everyone can reap the benefits of it, just like us. Thus born "BizKoala".

BizKoala has minimalistic user interface that is very easy and a pleasure to work in. You can access it anywehre, anytime, on any device. Your data are securely saved in the cloud. Most of BizKoala's essential features are free of charge. You can use BizKoala while you're discussing with your client. You can save it for later use, and edit at your leisure. We have also added options to add Tax amounts too. You can maintain a list of your clients, and all the quotations provided for clients can be found under their names.

Anyone who has a need to provide quotations to their customers can use BizKoala. Web developers, graphic designers, masons, painters, AC repairmen, carpenters, contractors, electricians, handymen, movers, and plumbers, are just a few people who can make their lives easier with BizKoala.