Team Culture Snapshot is a project done for Parker Mitchell, a great client who strives to make teams better. It collects opinions of team members about their own teams, and calculates results that helps to make their team a better one.

Team Culture Snapshot provide members of teams with a set of “Norms” such as “We genuinely care about each other.” and “We hold ourselves to high standards.”. The team members can then place the norms on a grid that has axes named “Relatively Less Important – Relatively More Important ” and “We don’t do well – We do well”, based on whether they think each norm is important or not, and whether they do it well or not. These responses are kept anonymously.

After everyone has submitted their responses, the Team Leader can calculate the combined result of the entire team, and get an idea about the opinions the team members have about their own team. This information is presented in an actionable manner, so that the teams can identify their strengths and weaknesses, in order to make their team a Better Team.

For this project, we used Laravel with a Javascript front end embedded to facilitate the drag-n-drop feature. Both production and testing servers are created on DigitalOcean and deployed securely using Git over SSH.