At Sanmark, we always make sure to use nothing but the best technologies in order you deliver perfection at the end. Our Developers are experts in the following methods, frameworks, and tools, allowing to give you a flawlessly customized result.

Agile Development Method

We strictly follow Agile Development method in all out projects in order to make the experience easier, more efficient and altogether better for both our clients and the developers alike. Our main focuses through this method are always keeping code simple, testing often, and delivering functional bits of the application as soon as they’re ready.

This way, you know exactly what is happening with your project at all times, and you are a part of its progress since you are actively involved in the testing, feedback and the overall decision making process.

  •  Detailed Planning
  •  Detailed Analysis
  •  Detailed Design
  •  Development
  •  Testing
  •  Release
  •  Maintenance

Ideal Tools and Technologies

At Sanmark we use new and updated technologies and tools to provide software solutions to our clients and support the development process.


  •  PHP
  •  MYSQL
  •  HTML 5
  •  CSS 3
  •  SASS
  •  NODE.JS
  •  IONIC


  •  GIT
  •  SLACK
  •  SSH
  •  BOWER
  •  NPM