Our New Place

We moved to a new place! And we love it!

We stopped working in our old office in 19th February and began cleaning-up the new place.

Once cleaned, we started wiring the office for power and network.

Look at this grand mess…!

We repeated my Grooveshark collection a couple of times while working. Working without music would have been so tiresome.

Everything fitted for the wire system:

We have a kitchen as well.

We got new tables.

How it looked after the tables were fixed.

A little religious well-wishing.

Kiribath being prepared.

We’re Game of Thrones fans. 😉

A little treat.

Our badminton area.

Benches to see the action and for card games.

Space to read and relax.

And work a little if we feel like it. 😉

Here’s how it looks when we all are working.

And here is our sign board.

We started our usual work at our new place on 24th February. We think our new office is really awesome and we enjoy working here!

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  • Kosala

    Special thanks to Kalum Krishantha, Udaya Ruwan Indika, Ranga Lakshitha, Thilina Ruwan, Rasike Sandun, Sandun Dhanushka, Prasad Fernando, MP Wimalasooriya, Charith Weerarathna, Prasad Wathsala Sumanasekara, Amila Sampath & the crew.

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