What is Cloud Computing all about?

As a fan of computing technologies, you hight have been wondered about the term “cloud computing”. What is all about this cloud? Is it something which we can physically see or touch? Where can we find this cloud? Those are all of your questions which you are wondering how to find answers. In the simplest […]


Our New Place

We moved to a new place! And we love it! We stopped working in our old office in 19th February and began cleaning-up the new place. Once cleaned, we started wiring the office for power and network. We repeated my Grooveshark collection a couple of times while working. Working without music would have been so […]


Shared Hosting – What It is and When to Use it

In the previous post, we briefly discussed about different types of options available to you when you are looking for a server solution to host your website. In this post I hope to discuss in detail about “Shared Hosting”, aka, “Shared Servers”. Pros about Shared Hosting As we discussed in the previous post, among all […]


Hosting Solutions and their Differences

So you hired a web development company to create a website for you, and they did it nicely. Now you need to host your shiny new website in a web server, so that the entire world can come and see your awesome website. There are three types of web servers available for you to choose from. Shared Servers, Virtual Private […]


Our Git Branching Model

Ah, Git, our one and only and lovable version controlling system! How would we have developed software without you? I want to share with you today the branching model we use here in Sanmark. As mentioned in the last post, our Git branching model is a little bit close to that of Gitflow. Initializing Project […]


How We Version Our Code

Software versioning is the process of assigning either unique version names or unique version numbers to unique states of computer software. That is what Wikipedia says about versioning code. Here in Sanmark, we religiously version our code. Our versioning method is tightly fitted with our source control system, which is Git. It won’t be a […]


Package Managers: What are They and How are They Useful to Us?

“Package Managers” are not new; but an year ago, we were not using them. It was kind of an strange idea to us. But now we love them. This is the story of us at Sanmark adopting a couple of package managers and learning to love them!