How to Secure the Pictures and Videos Stored on Your Phone

“If I show you a picture on my phone, don’t swipe left, don’t swipe right. Just look at the picture, and give it back to me, okay?” We – millennials – are a snap-happy generation. We take pictures and videos of anything and everything from our breakfast meals to our most intimate moments. The steady […]


Why does Your Business Need a Custom Software?

Software market has been having a rapid growth during the past decade, resulting in numerous ready-made software targeting pretty much every possible industry available. If you are looking for the options of getting a software for a business, you probably have gone through the seemingly attractive features of the readymade software that many companies are […]

Custom Software Development

5 Fundamental Features of a Good Business Website

  Creating and maintaining a solid online presence has now become not merely an added feature to a business, but a must have in order to stay aloft in the competition. Every business now has a website, but the question remains whether all of them deliver what is expected from a website. There are a […]